Changes to UK Immigration from 10 September 2020

September 16, 2020
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October 10, 2020

Changes to UK Immigration from 10 September 2020

The new changes will:

  • Introduce the Student and Child Student routes for the Points Based Immigration System
  • Introduce sections to the rules for English Language provision, Maintenance and Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)
  • Remove or amend all references to Tier 4, because this route will close on 5 October 2020 at 0900 when the Student route is introduced

Introduction of the Student and Child Student routes

  • The Student Routes are available for both European Economic Area nationals and non-EEA nationals who wish to come to the UK for the purpose of study
  • The Student and Child Student Routes will replace the Tier 4 (General) and Tier 4 (Child) immigration routes
  • EEA nationals will be incorporated into a global application system, so they will be required to meet the same requirements to study within the UK as non-EEA nationals
  • Students will also be able to apply for further permission from within the UK, provided that they meet the Academic Progression requirement and that their new course of study commences within 28 days of the expiry of the current leave
  • There is no longer a limit of the amount of time an individual can spend on studying postgraduate courses
  • Applicants will no longer need to provide evidence of maintenance funds when they have spent longer than one year in the UK on their current visa
  • Students at higher education providers with a track record of compliance will not routinely be required to provide evidence of academic qualifications

New Rules on English Language and Finance

  • These rules will only apply to the new Student and Child Student routes at this stage
  • They will ensure that applicants will only need to prove the required level of English Language to the Home Office once
  • They will update the majority speaking English language country list to include Malta and Ireland
  • Applicants can now use a GCSE/A Level or Scottish Highers in English to prove their English language ability
  • Applicants will no longer need to meet the maintenance requirement more than once if they have been supporting themselves in the UK for more than a year
  • These rules will allow applicants to rely on electronic bank statements

Impact of these changes

  • The closing of the Tier 4 (General) and Tier 4 (Child) will have little to no effect on current students in the UK
  • The Student and Child Student routes simply replace the existing routes
  • The changes will have an impact on students of EEA nationalities, as they will no longer be able to enter the UK on the basis of free movement and will have to apply for a visa prior to entering the UK

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